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— The Parents Association of the Ecole Nouvelle de la Rize —

 The Parents Association of the Ecole Nouvelle de la Rize has a pivotal position on the general school life and activities: guarantees the perpetuity of the New Education by laying to the teachers’ service, the necessary means for its realization.The Parents Association, in close collaboration whit our School Manager, is responsible of the administrative, financial and human resources management.

And last, but not the less, the Parents Association Board defines the strategic orientations of our School.

  — The Parents’ Association Commissions —

The Parents Commissions are mandated by the Board to propose and define the activities to be performed by/for the School. The proposed activities are submitted and validated by the Board before its implementation.

The Commissions are opened to all School members and any new volunteer is welcomed.
We are convinced that our school will continue to operate successfully by mixing our personal and professional skills and interests. 

The actual Commissions and their goals are:

  • Communication: Promotes the Ecole Nouvelle de la Rize and facilitates the accurate information flow within and outside the school.
  • School Restaurant: Conceives the menus and performs the day-to-day management of the school restaurant.
  • After school-care centre: Day-to-day management of the care centre in collaboration with the qualified personnel.
  • Maintenance: It has in the responsibility of the premises’ maintenance.
  • Social activities: Define and take in charge the logistical and operational organisation of any School celebration, festivity or social activity.
  • Pedagogy: Appraisals the correct application of the School Pedagogic Project and links our school with the ANEN.

Each Commission Responsible head and manages both the meetings and project objectives. After each meeting, the Commission publish the corresponding minutes into the private section of our web and on our weekly school journal.

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