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— Our History —

Our history starts in 1957 within a denominational school located on the Servient Street in Lyon, France. Strongly supported by some parents, a group of teachers from this school started to apply and to practice the New Education on their classes.

From 1970, a group of parents decided to create a private school. Our first building was located at Place Saint Anne square. As today, this school was composed of 4 classes.

In 1980, the school takes the name of “Ecole Nouvelle de la Rize” and gets the subsidiary status with the French Ministry of Education. The same year, the founder, Marguerite Bernard, manager of the school, retires.

In 2000, the school moves to our actual address. This change gives a new group dynamics, focusing our activities around the child to improve his environment.


Ecole de la Rize

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