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Welcome to our School web site!
“L’Ecole Nouvelle de la Rize”, who we are?

L’Ecole Nouvelle de la Rize is a non-denominational nursery and primary school created more than 50 years ago. Up to 90 children between 3 and 11 years old evolve within our urban school located in the heart of the Sainte Anne district of Lyon, France a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The school is organised in 4 Classes. It is a pedagogic choice to keep our classes size intentionally small. We are convinced this option permits a better childhood development and improves group and social integration. Each class involves different French scholar levels (Petite-Moyenne sections; Moyenne-Grande sections - French Nursery Schools- ; CP-CM1; CM2-CE1-CE2  - French Primary School - always keeping in mind the respect of each child and his own talent.

French education is centralized with a nationwide curriculum imposed by the Ministry of Education that ensures national uniformity. Our school is a parents association partially subsidized and fully regulated by the French government. Indeed, our school has the obligation to implements and operates the National French Educational Programs to both nursery and primary levels. Furthermore, our school also belongs to the ANEN (English) (National Association for the Development of New Education) and as a direct consequence, we promotes and applied the associated pedagogic tools of the so-called New Education. 

The differences and singularities making our school somewhat different are:

  • The pedagogic tools applied in class (individual work contract, individual work program, opened-up workshops, some tools of the institutional Pedagogy,
  • A commitment to spread to our children interpersonal values and skills (self-confidence, respect of individual differences; learning progression follows individual rhythms; lucidity on the task to be accomplished and the necessity to define and respect the adequate work and timelines; mutual aid and child inter-cooperation),
  • A high parental implication into the Association activities,
  • A continuous and confident exchanges with teachers leading us to provide to our children an educational continuum at home, and
  • Last, but not the less, on the weekly work of our pedagogic team who continually takes a look around to detect innovative learning tools to be applied in their class.


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