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— A brief History of the New Education — 

At the beginning of the 20th century, teachers, doctors, psychologist and philosophers wonder about the various co-existing school systems in Europe. In the stemming from this conference, they notice the impairment of these systems with regard to the child’s development. From this conference a consensus was born: to set up new learning methods taking in consideration children’s development.

As a result of these inputs, Roger Cousinet led in France from 1920’s the New Education movement. They perceive the child as an Apprentice and as the performer of his own apprenticeship. Cousinet defines a new role for the teacher as well as a new life-style for children at school. Thanks to the interest and application of these pedagogic principles by teachers, parents and psychologists, the New Education increases constantly its presence and impact, including into “traditional” schools.

— What defines the New Education? —

The key principle of the New Education is the development of happy autonomous and empowered persons who are confident on their own skills and capabilities. For that purpose, we facilitate, the independence of spirit, the curiosity and the desire to acquire new knowledge by the pupil. In summary, this pedagogy facilitates a suitable development of the child because he is considers as he actually is: a unique human being.

  • A new approach.
  • To the discovery of Childhood.
  • Learning by doing: a key concept.
  • An unlocked School: a place to exist.
  • Teacher’s state of mind.
  • Children’s new way of living school.
  • The coeducation.
  • Specific educational practices.

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